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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Any DVD Shrink v1.3.4 Full Version Includ. Licence Code

Any DVD Shrink is a easy-to-use yet powerful DVD backup tool for DVD movie. Any DVD Shrink performs a variety of functions, including DVD copying (also known as DVD cloning), DVD shrink, DVD burning, DVD erasing and creating DVD ISO image. Any DVD Shrink decodes DVD copy encryption like CSS, ArccOS and Region Code, offers features like 1:1 copy, automatic compression and episode selection, supports common used mediums including DVD-5, DVD-9, ISO image and DVD folder. With PAL and NTSC compatible DVD burning functions, Any DVD Shrink can burn ISO image and DVD folder to different disc types including single and dual layer discs which are playable on PC DVD players and standard DVD players with TV. Any DVD Shrink gives users complete control to make DVD copies. You can choose to keep any titles, chapters, subtitles and languages of the original DVD. As long as you have Any DVD Shrink, you have a DVD decrypter, a DVD copier, a DVD cloner, a DVD burning tool and a DVD shrinker. It’s an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced users.

But why on earth do we need a DVD copy or DVD Shrink tool?
  •         According to a research, DVD discs are always damaged by following reasons:
  •         Accidentally broken by little kids and pets
  •         Scratched by DVD player or worn-out
  •         Mislocated or lost
  •         Damaged by unfavorable weather
  •         Other unexpected causes

Roman is not built in a day, so as one’s DVD collection. People always take much time to choose a DVD movie they like and spend a substantial amount of money to build his DVD collection. It would be a big loss if the DVDs become scratched, damaged or unusable by various reasons. With Any DVD Shrink, you can make DVD copy or backup your DVD to different mediums easily and quickly, without worrying about your amazing yet costly DVD collection scratched, damaged or unusable .

Here are some key features of "Any DVD Shrink":
  •         Copy DVD to DVD or Copy DVD to hard disk
  •         Shrink DVD from DVD-9 to DVD-5
  •         Burn ISO image or DVD folder to DVD
  •         Erase rewritable DVD for reusing




  1. Install the software.
  2. Register it with the name and L.Code given in "Licence Code.txt" text folder.
  3. Done.


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