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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Talk It Software Full Version

Talk It!!  is an entertaining tool to convert text to audio, in which you’ll be able to write different texts or phrases that will be read by a generated voice.

Talk It! , also called TalkAny, was a popular text-to-speech (TTS) software by SoftVoice, Inc.It was originally included in the Windows 95 version of Microsoft Plus under the name of "Microsoft Plus! for Kids". It was used to teach children pronunciation of words and for simple text-to-speech uses, including narration and accessibility.

Talk It came in two languages, Spanish and English. It was one of the first programs to properly pronounce two different languages.

 Talk It allows the user to hear any written sentence or word, allowing him to configure many of the voices aspects: man or woman, boy or girl, it can even be configured as a to sound like a robot or alien, assuring many hours of entertainment.


  • Tone : in this section, the vocalization is numerically configured, from deep to high.
  • Speed : this is the parameter for the tempo at which audio is played back.
  • Quality : can be set to normal, singing or monotonous.
  • Vocal effort : Normal, whispering or covered.
  • Language : Spanish or English.



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