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Friday, 15 June 2012

Hero DVD Player v3.3 Full Version includ. Keygen

It is powerful DVD player software that offers advanced video and audio playing entertainment on the PC.

It can deliver the highest quality viewing and listening experience. In addition, Hero DVD Player 3.0.6 offers feature-rich navigation controls, background playing mode, local zoom in funtion, excellent crash disk correcting, caption processing capability and other DVD experience.
Furthermore, it supports multiple popular formats media files like AVI, MPEG, RM, MP3, WMV, Flash and so on of Internet.

Other powerful features such as optional skins, image capture, crash disk correcting, background playing, caption processing, broken playing, local-zoom and bookmark etc.

Key Features of Hero DVD Player :

Perfect Audio Effect

Exclusive 2-channel Front/back Surrounding Technology
With this technology, you can enjoy the benefits of 6-channel sound experience by placing general stereo sound boxes front/back even if the original source was not encoded for 5.1 channel output.

Soft Line-connection Technology
No need moving sound boxes and what you only need to do is a mouse drag.

SDTS Digital Surround Decoder
This technology allows you to process all kinds of non-SDTS digital audio, so you can enjoy all kinds of audio output combination from 2-channel to 8-channel.

SP/DIF Output Technology
SP/DIF output technology supports AC-3 decoded sound system, so you will be appreciated to create your fantastic home theater.

Quality Video Playback Functions

Remove Burr Completely and Support Field Format of DVD

Support Stream Transmitted MPEG2
Hero DVD Player supports stream transmitted MPEG2 ( MPEG2 is created by many capture cards ), while few players can support this format.

Support High Coded and Image Qualified 422/444 Format Video
Hero DVD Player support high coded and image qualified 422/444 format video , while general player and DVD player only support 420 formats MPEG2.




  1. Install the setup.
  2. Run the Keygen located in "Keygen" folder.
  3. Copy the User Id and key from the keygen and paste it in the respective places in the registration box. 
  4. Done.


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